Today’s Little Letter from Lara


Dear friend,

A friend encouraging me this morning sent me a Bible verse and then this quote from long-ago missionary David Brainerd: “I cared not where or how I lived, or what hardships I went through, so that I could but gain souls to Christ.” Her message to me was so short. So simple. So sweet. One Bible verse. The words of someone from long ago with a heart aflame for Jesus and sharing the Gospel like my own heart. And one small sentence filled with love and the hope of Christ. Then off she went to her busy day. My encouragement to you today is to be thankful for the encouragement the Lord gives you directly from Himself in His Word as you read it and through others He sends to you. And I encourage you to be an encouragement to others! Let us encourage one another, friend! May this GOOD NEWS DAILY be a vessel of the Lord’s to encourage you to love and humbly forever follow Jesus the Christ, AMEN!

Love & blessings, lara

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