Dear friend,

God sees our hearts. Right inside them, yup. I’ve learned to look inside mine regularly. Why? Because what doesn’t belong there needs to go. Immediately. Why? Because the heart and life of a Christ follower belong to Jesus. And our hearts are to be filled with what honors the Lord not what dishonors Him.

I used to walk around with a really clogged heart. I was clogged with pride, fear, worry, doubt, anger, hatred, judgment, condemnation, bitterness, and so much more! But the Lord taught me I need to purify my heart and keep it clean for Him. That means whenever He shows me something in my heart displeasing to Him, I need to get rid of it.

Sometimes my heart starts getting clogged up again because I’m not being careful of what I allow into it and am not taking the time to look at my heart and to get rid of what needs to go. Then the Lord reminds me I need to do a better job of cleaning up my heart for Him.

When I empty my heart of sin and receive God’s forgiveness, I have lots more space to be filled up with more of God’s Spirit, with more of the fruit of His Spirit like love, joy, and peace, and with whatever the Lord desires day by day to pour into my heart!

The world around me gets to see a really dirty heart clogged with sin if I’m not careful. But if I’m careful, then the world gets to see the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and more and more of God’s Spirit pouring into and through me.

But you don’t need to hear about my heart, do you? I’m writing about mine simply to encourage you to look at your own.

Is your heart pleasing to Jesus? Are you taking the time regularly to get rid of what dishonors God? Is your heart filled with the Spirit of God who lives inside Jesus’ followers?

Please consider the condition of your heart. And may your heart bring the Lord joy, pleasure, and gladness. AMEN!

Here’s a verse to encourage you:

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

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