Dear friend, ……..

What’s that gibberish? I don’t like text messaging, but I’ve given in and started to do it simply because it’s too hard to avoid when so many people are using it these days to communicate. One day I received a text message from someone I had just spoken to over the phone with the following gibberish. “IGWT!” It was gibberish, wasn’t it? It’s so easy with those tiny keys to type the wrong letters. Obviously the person had made a mistake. Right? No, I don’t think so. ……….

Suddenly it came to me. IN GOD WE TRUST! Wow. EXACTLY what I needed to hear. What I needed to remember. What I need to be reminded of constantly. We are to TRUST IN THE LORD. How often? ALL THE TIME. With what? EVERYTHING. Why? BECAUSE HE IS LORD.

How easy it is to toss around the words, “Of course I trust in God. He’s God!” But do we REALLY trust the Lord? Let’s look at our hearts, friend, and see. Let’s look at our lives, and let’s be honest. Let’s take our hearts before the Lord and let His Spirit show us.

Are we REALLY trusting the Lord ALL the time with EVERYTHING? We all have some growing to do in this area, don’t we? So let’s do that. Let’s grow in our relationship with the Lord. And let’s grow in trusting Him. Let’s start by making sure day by day we are spending time alone with Jesus, reading the Bible, praying to God, and listening to His Spirit speak to our hearts in line with His Word.

IGWT! We should, shouldn’t we? So let us aspire, and strive, to do just that!


Love & blessings,


“Trust in Him at all times, you people;” Psalm 62:8

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