Today’s Ministry Update & Prayer Request


Know what I love to tell people most when it comes to asking for prayer? Please pray if and as the Lord leads you. Long ago, a man I met told me he might not pray for me. I was horrified and hurt! How could he? How wrong of him! So I thought anyway. The Lord ultimately corrected me. That man was submitted to God. He wanted to pray according to the leading of the Spirit of God rather than according to little pitiful insignificant me!

Friends, as this ministry grows and grows and grows, and it is growing now so fast I can’t keep up, I could use prayer 24-7. Sometimes I will have specific prayer requests. Other times not. No matter what, please pray – if and as the Lord so leads you!

Look forward to sharing with you updates along the way as this very day I celebrate 2 years on the road for Jesus. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! AMEN!

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