Today’s Little Letter from Lara


Dear friend,

Believe it or not, Mondays are always the hardest day of the week for me. It’s not that I don’t want to get back to work. I LOVE MY WORK because it’s FOR THE LORD. It’s that the devil comes at me so exceedingly hard virtually every Monday without fail to get me to quit before I get started into the week forward of loving and serving the Lord and loving and serving people in His name.

Not so very long ago, I would have quit. Now, instead, the harder the enemy comes at me on Mondays, the more I want to secure the victory I can have in Christ and press on loving and serving Him with all my heart. Whether your Mondays are hard or easy or anywhere in between, I encourage you to pour all your heart and soul into loving and serving the Lord in the week ahead – and forever!

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With LOVE in Christ’s most marvelously magnificent name,

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