It’s Saturday and absolutely beautiful outside! But I’m inside right now. Why? Because as much as I love the sunshine and plan to go outside later to walk the dogs and spend time with Jesus walking and praying and praising and seeking the Lord, I am compelled to be inside right now laboring in love for the Lord. I can’t get enough of Him, and I can’t get enough of loving and serving Him.

Are there any prayer warriors out there? For some years now, I have prayed and sought co-laborers (volunteers) and an increase in financial support for the ministry. Suffice it to say my prayers and seeking have not yet been answered at the level needed to keep up with the ministry’s wonderful growth.

Please would you join me in prayer not just once, not just once in a rare while, but steadily, heartily, with great gusto, most importantly with strong faith, in seeking the Lord to provide a big increase in provision of physical labor and financial help as He mightily grows the ministry for Him?

Thank you & love you in His mighty name!

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