Two Blind Dogs Inspire Lesson in Faith


Two Blind Dogs Inspire Lesson in Faith

 “For we walk by faith, not by sight…” 2 Cor. 5:7

“I will be your eyes,” I told Baby. Within moments, I knew the words were not just merely words of comfort to a 16-year-old rescued dog who in one week’s time had gone blind in one eye and seemed to be losing sight in the 2nd one. I knew there was a lesson for me and others. I knew my experience with Baby losing his sight, along with caring for rescued dog Glory who had both eyes removed and for 14 other mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, was all part of a lesson in learning to walk, or live, by faith, not sight.

I will be your eyes. I had been helping Baby find his food by putting smelly salmon in it as I had learned to do in Glory’s water to help her drink. Next, I would help lead Baby around the yard to go to the bathroom. I was telling him he could trust me, find security in me, that he was safe with me, that anything he needed I would provide, that I could see all he needed to see for him, that I would love him, care for him, and lead him, that I would be there for him unconditionally, that I would do my best to show him love and mercy, despite my lapses that I quickly repent of, that I would bend down to come to his level to give him food, water and the attention he needed, that I would be there for him for the rest of his life. The trust I was asking him, Glory, and the other dogs to place in me is the trust God wants us to place in Him.

I knew, too, as a sweet little senior dog, Baby would never question how I would be his eyes and be the one he could look to so he could rest peacefully in my care. How often, and wrongly, have I, and we, questioned the God who is our eyes, the God who is our everything? Oh, if only we would be babies, and little children, resting comfortably, peacefully, cradled in our Father’s loving, sweet hands. Oh, that we would let Him be our eyes – and our everything.

Is He your eyes? Is He your everything? Trust in the One who created us that He is and ever will be our all and all.

(I am happy to say as of September 10, 2015, that little Baby has had a remarkable recovery whereby he now appears to be in excellent health for his age and seems to have regained some if not all of his sight. All glory to God!)


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