Update & Prayer Request


So wonderfully much has been going on in my life and ministry. I am still in coastal South Carolina doing a great deal of spending time with the Lord, praying, streets / beach / hotel ministry, writing & publishing, administrative work (ugh), helping in a situation the Lord has called me to help with, editing the book I finished writing before the last book I wrote and published, and, yes, trying to get some rest! I love, love, love the Lord with all my heart, love people worldwide with the love of Jesus, and love doing my ministry work for Him.

My favorites besides spending time alone with the Lord are writing, talking to people about the Lord, and taking paralyzed ministry doggy Miss Mercy and special needs ministry doggy Grace to the beach where Miss Mercy runs around alone in her wheelchair and I get to tell the people who come up to her or to whom she goes about Jesus. Just the other day, we had a circle of strangers who all met through Miss Mercy praying together!

As for praying, I would LOVE prayer as often and as much as you are led! I trust the Lord to speak to your heart on how to pray for me, Good News Ministry, Miss Mercy & Gracie, and all the people worldwide He reaches through my heart and ministry!

love & blessings,




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