UPDATE: Help Needed for Marcos, Miracle Dog!


Just when I thought my hands and heart were full enough, the Lord put it on my heart to take Marcos the Miracle Dog into our fold. Some would call me crazy, and I am – crazy for Christ. I believe in miracles, and most of all I believe in sharing the Gospel and ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. So why take on Marcos, a very senior special needs dog who until just days ago sat awaiting euthanization in a California shelter just like millions of others nationwide? The answer, my friends, I leave to the Lord.

I am quite certain He has a plan much bigger than I can see. So often with this ministry, he uses people to bring us to dogs in need, and dogs to bring us to people in need. Most importantly, He calls us to love with His heart.
Marcos, despite major medical issues, is preparing to fly across the nation. He will then be picked up by a dear friend in Virginia from the airport to stay with her family until the next leg of his transport will be provided by volunteer pilots. Everyone involved knows he is a special needs dog, and all agree the ideal scenario would have been for him to stay in California. But God sees the whole picture, and has chosen to send him to me and Walk by Faith Ministry.

Why take a chance on a dog that may only have months to live? I honestly don’t know how much time he has left, but I do know one thing. If you know my story, you know anyone and everyone could have given up on me. But the Lord did not. I was His lost sheep, and He had mercy and compassion on me and took me back into His fold to love and heal me, to give me the life He created me to have.

I have a special heart for the underdogs – His heart. And I have every intention of doing my best to love and serve the Lord and His creation.

Please help me and Walk by Faith Ministry to help Marcos. I cannot do this alone, and I thank God for each and every person the Lord calls forth to help this ministry love not just Marcos – but a world in need!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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