Marcos Takes Flight for East Coast!


“We lift Marcos up to you, Lord,” my dear friend Annie prayed with me over the telephone today. Then, she added, “Well, I guess he’s very close to you right now.” We laughed.

Marcos, saved from euthanization just days ago in a California shelter, has begun his new life and is now literally en route between California and Maryland. In fact, as of 5:30 pm today, he had already reached Arizona. And, yes, if the truth be known, as he flies up in the skies – he is that much closer to the Lord who saved his life.

The sweet senior special needs dog who has had one medical issue after another given his age and history as a stray is now well on his way to his new life in South Carolina – with a few road stops along the way. He is aboard Pet Airways, which flies pets in cabin with a caretaker to monitor them. He will then stay in foster care with a loving family in Virginia for a few days before being escorted by two very special volunteer airline pilots down to South Carolina to be taken into the fold of Walk by Faith Ministry.

In just days, I have already witnessed not only how God has saved his life – but also how God has used him to bridge together people who never otherwise would have met from around the country. Why go to all the trouble? God always knows what He is doing – and I so often do not.

So far, in the short time Marcos and I have crossed paths via the Internet and soon in person, I have had opportunity after opportunity to pray for people I never would have known if God had not used Marcos to bring us together.

What I love above all else is the reminder that God is in the business of salvation, healing, deliverance, miracles, and more. Just like he saved my life when there was clearly no hope left for me, he has now saved the life of Marcos.

And, I pray, through my story, through the story of Marcos, through Walk by Faith Ministry, may the Lord save many, many more.

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