Update on Joshua, Latest Addition

Joshua flew to his new life just three days ago on a two-seater plane from the shelter where he was left by his owners when they moved. He has been battling a rough upper respiratory infection, is quite underweight, and has multiple big tumors. The tumor under his private parts is ENORMOUS. So how is Joshua? HAPPY! JOYFUL! He is a TOTAL LOVE. We bonded IMMEDIATELY. He absolutely loves his new life – minus the coughing and sneezing. Here are some photos of Mr. Joshua. I cannot pursue determining whether we can get his BIG tumor removed until he is fully recovered from his upper respiratory infection. He is currently in quarantine, resting, and eating lots. He learned quickly how to manipulate me into preparing his favorite foods – French toast, sandwiches, and pasta. Go figure! Joshua gets around beautifully despite the location of his tumor and the hacking cough! But he learned quickly Mommie keeps telling him to REST until he feels better!

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