Very Special Dog Begins New Life

Joshua arrives with pilot James Kleen
Joshua gave me his first kiss today, just hours after private pilot James Kleen pried him out of the tight rear quarters of his two-seater plane and handed him off to Walk by Faith Ministry. It never ceases to amaze me how a dog with such a phenomenal story can trust someone brand new in so short a time. Joshua, a senior dog with multiple major tumors, an upper respiratory issue, and severely underweight, was left at a shelter by his owners when they moved. He was scheduled to be euthanized three days ago, but the Lord told me in no uncertain terms that Walk by Faith Ministry needed to take him under our wings. Joshua not only gave me his first kiss, but he settled in to Walk by Faith’s sanctuary / spa / playground / foster home, etc. without any hesitation at all – and a hefty appetite. 
Please keep Joshua, me, and Walk by Faith Ministry in your prayers. Please also consider a donation, or becoming a Sponsor or Angel to help us help a world in need. We are a small ministry with big faith in our awesome God! We are very much in need now of financial support. I have prayed BIG that God would send BIG HELP. Thank you for your consideration! 
Joshua’s largest tumor

Joshua after bath, bones prominent from malnourishment
Sweet Joshua settling into new life

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