UPDATE on Senior Disabled Little Miss Miracles

While 14-year-old-ish senior disabled Little Miss Miracle’s eyes are now on the mend, for which I thank God, her inner ear infection has not gotten better overall. I have tried four different antibiotics, plus cleaning her ear through the day, and two different ear medications – all to no avail. She does not appear to be uncomfortable at all, but her ear problem does need to get resolved!

Her doctor is suggesting putting her under some anesthesia and flushing out her ear, as well as taking a head x-ray which among other things would show if there is any underlying unknown cause such as a tumor, and waiting on lab culture results before we proceed. Little Miss Miracles has visited the vet four times in about two or so weeks, and her costs have truly been adding up – not too ideal given she has 16 mostly special needs & senior rescued dogs as her Walk by Faith Ministry siblings that all have needs of their own.

Unfortunately, donations coming in for her have been extremely few and far between. I am concerned that sometimes people don’t realize that the ministry’s dogs are just a small portion of the ministry, and that budget needs are not just for the dogs! So I would be blessed once again for love, prayers & consideration of any donations anyone is led to make for Little Miss Miracles, any of the other dogs, and/or the ministry as a whole including the writing and publishing! God bless you!!!

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