Update & Prayer Request


Dear Friend,

I am in awe. Have you ever been in awe? So in awe you feel like your mouth could drop open and never shut because you’re so shocked by something? That’s how I feel even as I write this! Why? I am sitting in the South Carolina summer heat at a tiny table with a folding chair in the parking lot of the hotel where I am currently staying as I continue being on the road for Jesus full-time with my beloved handicapped ministry dogs for almost 3.5 years now. Just minutes ago, I finished writing my dedication in the book I have just begun writing. I dedicate them all to the Lord, by the way. No surprise considering the Lord took me who was broken beyond human hope and repair for DECADES and has transformed me into a woman totally devoted to Him and to telling the world about Him through the ministry He birthed through me and with which He has entrusted me.

In the past week or so, by God’s grace alone, I just finished writing my 8th book though honestly I have lost count, finished preparing it for publication, just revised the 2 books I wrote before that one and prepared them for publication, am starting on book 9, am caring for my sweet handicapped doggies, am passing out Gospel tracts whenever, wherever, and to whomever the Lord leads, am sitting tight in my current location until the Lord lets me know the next one and when He will send me, and have honestly never been more excited in my entire life to press on in my life’s calling. To help people worldwide to find and forever faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now some if not many would call me crazy. I have forsaken all for Jesus. The little house I owned, the comfortable little life in coastal South Carolina, the dog rescue work I did for about 20 years, being near family and friends, a social life, an entertainment life, vacations, a traditional salary, dating and marriage, my dream of writing secular fiction, other dreams, my wishes, wants, and ways that don’t line up with the Lord’s will for me, etc. Call me crazy. I am crazy for Christ! I love my Father in heaven, almighty God, more than anything or anyone in the universe. I live and breathe to love and glorify Him and to tell the world about Him. To help people to be totally devoted to the Lord. To help people to be faithful in loving and serving Him with all their hearts day by day and forever!

Friend, this lifestyle isn’t easy on the flesh. It can be really hard, in fact. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because nothing matters more to me than the Lord and than bringing Him love, praise, honor, joy, pleasure, worship, and glory!

My update for you is this. I am living the life I am called to live for my Jesus. And though I am a little restless to move on to my next location, I remain where I am with a thankful heart because this is where the Lord wants me for this season of my life. Doing what He has called me to do here.

I would be so very thankful for your prayers as well as for donations and new Monthly Sponsors to help support this labor of love for the Lord.

Please keep me prayed up as I press on in the Lord’s work. For the glory of Christ!

Lord willing, I hope to have new messages to share with you soon. As for some time now, the messages I send you will be part of my newest book as I am writing it!

love & blessings,


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