Update & Prayer Request


Hi everyone, So sorry for not sending out my usual Good News Daily this past week! I have had my heart and hands busy with a number of things and thought I would give you an update.

I have been working on the ministry website & preparing it for some technology changes whereby the messages the Lord gives me to write will be able to reach a wider expanse internationally. In addition, my nearly 16-year-old special needs ministry dog Abigail got very sick last week. I have also had some medical tests despite feeling much better praise the Lord after months of a health issue. I have also had several loved ones with health issues. I am also still greatly missing my beloved paralyzed ministry dog Mr. Simeon whom I lost unexpectedly several months back. And I have just learned my beloved veterinarian and his wife who are like family to me whom I have known for nearly 25 years and who have blessedly supervised the ministry dogs while I’ve been on the road for Jesus are retiring.

This all in addition to gloomy weather for several weeks, the dire state of America right now, and the worldwide desperate need for repentance and turning to Jesus Christ as Lord combined with my years of not sleeping well have made for a bit of a challenging time! But I am so excited to report that I remain filled with the love, hope, peace, joy, and purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ! I could not be any more thrilled to be given the privilege of pressing on in life and ministry loving, serving, and worshiping the Lord with all my heart and helping people around the world to find and forever faithfully follow Him!

I would be so blessed if you would please pray for me and the ministry and the ministry doggies & all those the Lord reaches through the ministry as often and as much as you are led!

Lord willing, I hope to be back to the Good News Daily writing in the very near future!

love & blessings,


p.s. Thank you to all the people who lovingly and generously donated to Good News Ministry in 2020. If you need a receipt, please contact me at 843-338-2219 or via lara@GoodNews.love.

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