Update & Prayer Request – March 23, 2019


It’s been an utterly EXHAUSTING – but beyond description EXCITING and EXHILARATING – week as the Lord leads me through ENORMOUS change & growth in my ministry work. Lots and lots of computer and technical work and telephone calls as I take the final steps before I make my big announcement about the beautiful additions and alterations the Lord is making to this ministry!!!

I wish I could tell you I walked in perfect love, grace, mercy, and kindness through it all. Truth is I was sometimes loving and merciful, sometimes kind and giving, sometimes walked in the Lord’s ways by His grace.

Other times I fell hard flat on my face, showing impatience, lacking mercy, unkind, unhelpful, not warm, not giving the way I desire, losing my temper, reverting to old ungodly ways. The more I follow Jesus, the more I love the Lord, the more I desire to please Him, the more I despise my sin. Right down to when I have unkind thoughts!

By the grace of God, He led me to repentance the times I fell, gave me love, mercy, kindness, and patience for myself and for me to extend to others. He showed me whom I needed to apologize to, and they in kind were merciful. He is teaching me to walk in His ways. The way of love. The way of truth. Led by His Spirit who lives inside His followers. Living according to His Word, the Bible. The way of Christ! The way of following Jesus! The way of faithfully following Him forever!

Please stay tuned in the coming week or so for the blessings the Lord is bestowing on this ministry as I share them with you – and please keep me and this ministry and the ministry’s special needs service doggies & all the people worldwide the Lord is reaching through my work for Him in your prayers if you are so led!

With love in His name,


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