Update & Prayer Request from Lara – March 4


Hello, due to some big online changes for my ministry, I’m doing some catch up. This update & prayer request is from a few weeks ago – but prayers would still be greatly appreciated concerning what lies below. THANK YOU!


A pretty wild update & prayer request from someone who for decades was so lost and broken and purposeless and useless and unable to function to any degree of normalcy or significance that it’s utterly miraculous I’m even alive let alone asking for prayer concerning this. Not to mention I’m 100% Jewish, grew up in a Jewish family that didn’t believe in God, neglected my childhood dog, and dabbled in all sorts of false religions and found myself at one point to be an atheist. So here I am on the road for Jesus for nearly 2 years with 5 special needs doggies doing streets ministry and writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books. Don’t ask. Only the Lord could have orchestrated all this!

My biggest prayer needs right now besides the usual for safety, protection, wisdom, health, etc. including for my sweet doggies…

1. Wisdom, discernment, help, and resources regarding my writing and publishing as I simply am completely unable to keep up with all the messages the Lord is pouring through me. To the point I am constantly scrambling around as I did as a child looking for paper to jot down notes for more and more messages while I try to keep up with it all. Humbled, blessed, privileged, excited, thrilled, thankful – and in desperate need of help keeping up….!

2. God’s will for my hotels / housing in the Appalachian region of VA and West VA AND ALSO in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC for my next big locations for Christ. My West Virginia hotel fell through in a very unpleasant way, but the Lord graciously showed me the test He was giving me. And by His grace alone, I passed!

3. FINANCIAL PROVISION. No matter how many times I’ve asked for prayer, no matter how much I’ve prayed, and no matter how much at times I’ve put out the word I could use more financial support especially on a monthly basis, the windows of heaven have still not opened in a very significant way as far as support is concerned. The Lord is providing for my every need, but I have a strong sense that I need to enlist the support of some VERY VIGILANT VERY PERSEVERING PRAYER WARRIORS to pray me and this ministry all the way through in this matter. Please understand this is NOT a request for financial support. My heart is that ONLY THOSE THE LORD CALLS TO GIVE will do so. I am asking simply and exceedingly importantly for ONGOING PRAYER. I TRUST THE LORD TO PROVIDE and thank Him for any and all of you who will faithfully pray through with this.

On a different note, the weather is bouncing up and down, allowing me some very long walks on the beach with Jesus seeking Him beyond description and with opportunities for streets ministry with plenty of other colder days perfect for buckling down indoors with my writing, publishing, & beloved special needs doggies.

I am astounded at the Lord’s love, goodness, mercy, and endless spiritual and physical blessings. The sacrifice I am making day by day in giving up any semblance of a typical normal popular American-dream-style life is NOTHING compared with the immeasurable joy I have in being wholly devoted to my Jesus.

With love in His holy most beloved most precious everlasting name,

His daughter, His servant,


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