Update & Prayer Request – May 31


Oh, how I would love more than you can perhaps possibly imagine to get back to my almost daily writing and publishing of GOOD NEWS DAILY. But how can I possibly keep up with everything the Lord has so lovingly, graciously, and mercifully placed in my heart and hands especially these days?

I am still in a hotel in New Jersey commuting every few days into New York City to search for my housing there for my next season of streets ministry there. When I go, I get to do a combination of passing out Gospel tracts and talking to people about Jesus on the streets and apartment-hunting – including handing out tracts to the real estate agents. What a blessing! That said, it’s exhausting doing the bus commute, walking the streets, then rushing back to care for my last 4 special needs service ministry doggies as I try do get some rest (not nearly enough!) and catch up with all the aspects of leading this ever-growing ministry for the Lord!

The devil is continuing to fight me beyond description to get me to pack my bags, pack up the dogs, and run as fast as possible to a different part of the country where things are easy and affordable. My flesh is crying out almost incessantly to run, run, run away. But I am reminded of the story of Jonah in the Bible, and I don’t want to run away from God and end up in the belly of a whale! Most importantly, I love the Lord more than anything or anyone in the universe and live to love, please, honor, adore, serve, and worship Him – and to tell the world about Him!

Almost every direction I turn, I am interacting with people with exceeding need of love, prayer, encouragement, help, hope, support, and to hear about the Lord Jesus Christ. In person. Almost everywhere I go. On the phone. By email. All around the world.

I am still very exhausted, not sleeping very well overall, often stressed from everything going on including the spiritual battle and the countless people to whom I am called to minister, and I would be so very blessed if you would please continue to pray for me, the ministry, the ministry’s doggies, my beloved co-laborer Kim who has been working on putting together over 2500 devotionals that need to go out along with other orders coming in, and the people worldwide the Lord is reaching through this little ministry of His.

Friend, my flesh could quit in a heartbeat. My personal struggles continue on. My exhaustion can be really extreme. My mind sometimes feels like it can’t handle another minute of stress and spiritual attack.

But I WILL NOT QUIT. For I live and breathe for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am so extremely thankful for your love, prayers, encouragement, and donations for those led to give.


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