Virginia Woman to Be Executed: The Chains Around Her Heart


Have you ever been on death row? I have. I was on death row every breath and second of my life before I received the promise of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. But God took mercy upon my soul and gave me life when I asked Jesus to come into my heart and be my Lord. Today I prayed for a woman who lives in my home state of Virginia who may well have a double death sentence. First, come September she is expected to be put to death for her crime. Second, if she does not have Jesus Christ living inside her heart then she will go to hell forever where probably most of America wants her to go. Today I did not pray that her life would be spared from execution. I leave that to the Lord. I prayed she would be given life through faith in Jesus Christ. I have stared at her photograph and rather than judge the face that is so ridden with hatred, I saw a woman with chains around her heart just like the prison I have lived in for so much of my own life. I think of Jesus who asked our Father to forgive them because they did not know what they did. The word “know” translates into “understand.” Without Christ, we are capable of anything. Even with Him, when I do not follow Him, I am capable of all manners of evil. I direct a ministry that specializes in the cases the world has given up on. I believe it is never too late to know the love of God. I pray that it is not too late for this woman. It was almost too late for me. But along came Jesus who gave me new life.

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