Will You Give Up Your Dream for God’s?


“You only see part of the picture,” someone once told me. “God sees the whole picture.” Another person said, “God does not want what’s good for you. He wants what’s best for you.” I did not understand either statement until I became deeply immersed in studying God’s Word and developed an intimate, personal relationship with Him through faith in Christ. What I have learned in years past is that God will sometimes allow my dreams to come true, and He also will bless me at times by fulfilling my desires. But His permissible will is incomparable when compared with so utterly giving my life to Him that He may bring into manifestation His perfect will for, and through, my life. I have for so long limited my life and life’s purpose by striving for my own dreams as the world has taught me to do, when in the process I was holding at bay the dream God has for my life. I have come to love, cherish, and honor the Lord too much to hold on for dear life to my limited dreams any longer. Today, I pray for His perfect will for my life. He truly does see the whole picture, and He truly does want the very best for my life.

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