Wait Until God Answers


It was just a little thing in the grand scheme of things. I was trying to figure out whether I should go to the beach with the ministry’s wheelchair dogs one morning. It was already quite warm outside and would be getting much hotter. If I left quickly, I would beat the worst of the heat. In the past, I would have just rushed ahead with what I felt like doing or with what I thought maybe just maybe the Lord wanted me to do. But this time, I waited. And He answered. He made clear in my heart I was not to go there that morning. In obedience to Him, I would not. By waiting until He answered, I found the answer. His will. Now I could obey. And did.

Now if you think the little things don’t matter in God’s eyes, you’re wrong. All things matter to the Lord. We are to obey Him in everything. We are not to pick and choose. We are not to conduct our lives based on our wishes, ways, and wants. Not on our selfish pleasures. We are not simply to believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. We are to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. We are to obey Jesus Christ as Lord. And to do the Lord’s will, we are to know the Lord’s will. And to know the Lord’s will, we are to read the Bible, to seek Him in prayer, and to wait until He answers.

I can’t tell you how many times the Lord has made known His will to me even in what I considered the smallest of matters. I discovered in choosing to obey that He had a purpose even in what in my human eyes seemed too small to matter. Everything matters when it comes to following the Lord. So pray. So seek Him. So wait on Him. And obey. All for the glory of Christ, AMEN!

Lord, remind us to seek you. Help us to seek you. Give us the desire to seek you. Give us the patience to wait on you. Don’t let us run ahead. Oh, how we tend to do that! Some of us anyway. Father, respond to our pleas to hear you. Speak to us. Teach us to discern your voice. Help us to distinguish your voice from the voice of the devil, the voice of the world, and the voice of our flesh. Help us to know that we know your will for us each and every day. And give us the strength, dear Lord, to obey. In all things, seemingly so small and all the big ones and in between ones also! AMEN!

“Glory in His holy name; Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the LORD! Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore!” Psalms 105:3-4

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