Warning about Spiritual Warfare


“Spiritual warfare is so vital to understand and engage in as the Lord leads us,” I wrote to a sister in Christ. “But I also think the teaching of it can be taken to extremes and even falsity,” I continued.

“I was warned years ago to stop focusing so much on the enemy,” I shared with her. “I did not heed the warning. Some years later, I came to understand our primary focus needs to be on Jesus!”

No sooner had I finished writing than I knew I had an important message to share not just with her, but with many.

I learned about spiritual warfare when I was under false teaching, and I became quickly swept away in focusing constantly on the devil and his attacks, temptations, etc. The more I focused on the devil, the less I focused on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible, and victory in Christ.

Friend, let us be careful not to get consumed with the devil and his antics. Let us work hard to keep our focus on the Lord.

Father, forgive us for when we get ultra-focused on the devil and leave you aside. Probably just what the devil wants. Then he tries to intimidate us and drag us farther and farther away from you through his fiery darts, his temptations, his attacks, his sickening ploys. Help us, Lord, day by day, to focus on you and your Word. Help us to have victory. The victory is yours, dear Lord. This very day as I write this, Lord, I have fallen terribly as I have taken the devil’s bait and sinned and needed repentance and your forgiveness. It’s so easy when darkness looms, Father, to start looking at the darkness. Lord God, help us to walk in your light. Help us, oh Lord, to focus on your glory. AMEN!

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

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