What a Beautiful Blessing!


I am afraid if we are not very careful that we can miss God’s beautiful blessings because our focus is not on God and His goodness but instead is on our trials, troubles, struggles, tribulations, challenges, and the hard and not so pretty stuff in this world.

When our heart and eyes are not on the Lord Jesus Christ and on the Lord’s love, wonderfulness, gloriousness, greatness, blessedness, awesomeness, amazingness, and the infinite blessings God bestows upon us day by day throughout our lives, we can miss God’s beautiful blessings. And we can fail to thank, bless, and praise God as we enjoy these blessings.

Please make a true heartfelt commitment each and every day to see, acknowledge, and enjoy God’s beautiful blessings and be sure to thank, bless, and praise God for who He is and for His goodness.

Perhaps you may be led to get a copy of my THANK YOU GOD FOR MY BLESSINGS: A JOYFUL JESUS JOURNAL which is filled with love & encouragement & plenty of space to write about your blessings and to thank the Lord for them!



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