What You’re Not Sowing

I just got back from a wonderful new haircut, and I cannot help but be reminded how often we neglect to fully understand the principle of sowing. Sure, we know that we reap when we sow, right? But why do we automatically assume the best way to sow is financially? I do not have a budget to get my hair cut regularly, but I have a beautiful, treasure of a dear friend who is a former hairdresser. Whenever I need a cut or trim, I drive down the road to her house, plop myself down in her chair, and receive everything I need and desire – friendship, love, prayer if I need it, and an awesome haircut. “One day, maybe I can sow money into your ministry,” my friend said as I left today. We had prayed in repentance together today, and for God to transform us in one area of our lives. We had shared smiles, love, and our love of the Lord. “Are you kidding me?” I replied. “You are sowing into Walk by Faith Ministry.” How I wish we would all realize that sowing the gifts we have been given would make our world a better place. If we would give what we have been given, financial or not, imagine how many would be blessed. What a great, gigantic harvest we would reap. Today, think about something you can sow. Do not hold back. Sow as the Lord leads – and watch Him give the increase!
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