Quit Holding Onto God

Yesterday, as the Lord showed me the people and things He had wanted me to let go, He threw me a curve ball. “Stop holding onto me,” He told me. How crazy was that? He has told me to stop clinging to certain people and things, and that I need to cleave to Him. So how could He possibly in the same breath tell me to stop holding onto Him? What was He thinking? More importantly, what was I thinking? The Lord spoke into my heart, and quickly it all became clear. He told me that I was holding onto Him in a way that was not allowing Him to move in my life.
In other words, I was trying to exert control over Him. My God! While I constantly pray for God’s will in my life, and spend an enormous amount of time with Him, I clearly was missing something vital. I was asking for His help, but not allowing it. I was seeking His will, but not letting it come to pass. I was trying to follow Him, but not letting Him lead. I was holding onto Him in a way He could not possibly do as He needed and desired. Quite assuredly, I needed to let go! We all have our times of needing to let go, but I wonder how many of us realize we sometimes need to let go of God. I have often heard, “Let go, and let God,” but I have rarely, if ever, heard, “Quit holding onto God.” How about you? Quit holding onto God. If you are, you are holding Him back. Try letting Him go, and see what happens. You just might be in for a most wonderful surprise!
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