Wheelchair Doggie Visits Nursing Home…!

Yesterday the Lord BLESSED me with a very special visit to a local nursing home with paralyzed doggie Miss Mercy. For anyone who thinks Walk by Faith Ministry is about the dogs, it’s not. And for anyone who thinks it’s about me, it’s not. Walk by Faith Ministry is about THE LORD, and I keep my eyes and heart open to opportunities wherever I am, whatever I am doing, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister the Lord’s love to a world in need. This, first and foremost, is the ministry’s mission.

Whenever the door opens, I love – absolutely LOVE – to talk about Jesus Christ. Yesterday’s visit to the nursing home was not a “pet therapy” visit. It was all about the love of Jesus – with plenty of opportunities to share about Him, including opportunity to share some of my phenomenal testimony with some of the staff and an incredible opportunity to pray.

I think what stood out to me about the visit more than anything else were Bibles I saw in the rooms of the residents of the nursing home. A generation of people nearing the end of their lives. I saw more Bibles in their lives than I often see in the hands, homes, and hearts of the younger generations with whom I interact more of the time. Thank you God for an awesome visit to the nursing home, and I pray Lord you would lead your lost sheep into your fold………..! Amen. 

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