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My amazing financial news. You’ll never guess. You can’t possibly. You’ll never figure it out. How could you? So why don’t I just go ahead and break the news to you. Please understand. It has nothing to do with the approximately $6 I have left in my checking account for the rest of the month.

Nor will I go into the rest of my personal finances, though you’re welcome to ask. Nor will I go into Walk by Faith Ministry’s finances right now, though you’re welcome to ask about that also. On paper, none of any of this looks very good. I promised you amazing financial news, didn’t I? Far be it for me to not stand behind my word. So here it is.

I learned that in the distant future I could become the recipient of a greater amount of money than I am accustomed to. Let’s just say it’s not at all in the ballpark of the $6 (yes, SIX dollars) in my checking account for the rest of the month. But let me tell you something. This isn’t my amazing financial news either.

So now you’re curious, right? If $6 in my checking account isn’t my amazing financial news, and coming into a much larger amount of money than I have ever had in the distant future isn’t the news, well then what is? And here it is.

Do you know what I realized? If I came into a million dollars in the future, I would live no differently than I live today. I would not go on vacations. I would not buy a nice car. I would not buy jewelry. I would not go on a shopping spree. I would not go out to fancy restaurants, or probably many if any restaurants at all. I would not buy a new house. I would not buy a vacation home. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing I would do differently.

I would live just as simply as I do right now. Small house. Almost no furniture. Less clothes than I have ever had. Almost no home decor. A few dishes from the dollar store. Simple, same food almost every day. Almost no eating out unless someone takes me. Dirty, 10-year-old car with high mileage, the dog-mobile.

A cheap haircut. No manicures. No pedicures. No spas. Wal-Mart earrings. No other jewelry. Cheap watch I leave in the cupboard. Cheapest phone I could find. Fifteen bucks. No apps – what are they? No movies, almost ever. No magazines. Two, eight-dollar Wal-Mart dinner tray tables as my writing desk. I give away just about anything the Lord lays on my heart, most especially my heart, my gifts, my time. It’s His anyway. I am His anyway.

Why would I change any of this just because my bank account might rise from $6 to a number I can’t even imagine at some distant time in the future? How could I? After all, I have never been happier, more joyful, more peaceful, more content, more satisfied, more hopeful, more excited, more thrilled, and more in love in my whole life.

For in my love for the Lord God almighty, and in my desire to love and serve Him with all my heart, and in my desire to love my neighbor as myself, and in my love to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to minister the Lord’s love to a world in need, I do not need a single extra penny to top off what I already have – not for me anyway. Not unless it’s to be used so that this body, His temple, and this home, dedicated 100% to ministry for Him, would be in maximum condition to be used by Him for HIS glory.

And I have already told the Lord, numerous times, that my desire for money today is only for ONE purpose. For His honor. For His Kingdom. For His glory.

Isn’t that something? My amazing financial news has nothing to do with the amount of money that I have in my checking account, nor with the amount of money I might have one day in the future. My amazing news in’t financial at all.

I hope you don’t think I broke my promise to you. After all, I promised you amazing financial news, didn’t I? But I’ve got to be honest with you.

I am one of the richest, and wealthiest, women in the whole wide world.

Because with my Father in heaven, with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit living inside me, I have what all the money in the world could never buy.

I have the Lord.

Do you?

I could ask you if you know Jesus. I could ask you if you have met Him. I could ask you where you stand with Him. I could ask you if you have turned away from Him and need to turn back. I could ask you why you are trying to hide from Him when He already knows where you are. I could ask why you keep that sin under the covers that He’s been asking you to give up. I could ask you why you keep doing what He told you not to do. I could ask you why you say you know Him but won’t do what He’s calling you to do. I could ask you if you want to fall more in love with Him. I could ask you anything at all, but this time I will ask you nothing. 

I believe He is already knocking on the door of your heart. I believe He has something to say to you. I believe you know it is time to listen. I believe you know it is time to obey. I believe you know He is the one with the question. I believe you know what that question is. I believe He is waiting for the answer. I believe you have kept Him waiting long enough. I believe you know that the hurt, the brokenness, the lack of resolution, the changing that still hasn’t come, the premonition that something dark is lurking in the shadow of your life, that all of this, and the other things also, that all of this is what you have wanted to pretend isn’t there. But you know that it is.

And if you want that knowing that no amount of money in the world could bring to you the peace, the love, the hope, and everything else that comes from abiding in Jesus Christ, then you have a decision to make. 

Is He the one? 

Or will you hold onto the things, and the people, of this world? Will you hold on, knowing that all your chasing, all your clamoring, all your greed and lust and all that out-of-control stuff that lunges at the things you believe will satisfy, will you hold on? 

Or will you at last let go? 

I hope my amazing financial news has helped you to see that the longing in your heart will only find fulfillment in one single place.

In Christ. 

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