When God Gets in Your Face

I have been struggling recently. I could be totally vague, but I would rather be entirely real. I have been having a hard time with an unhealthy combo of fear and anger. And as desperately as I desire to please the Lord whom I love beyond measure, I have found myself falling instead of standing, crawling instead of walking, and getting knocked down more times than I care to think about. But God has a way of getting in my face as I relentlessly pursue Him in my dedicated desire to learn how to walk by faith instead of falling constantly into the abyss of sin, and He did just that when I called a friend for prayer. Instead of praying for me, she interrupted me as I started to share a trial with her and told me she had to read something to me she had just read less than an hour before.

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To my utter surprise, she read out of the last issue of my monthly Walk by Faith Devotional, reminding me that not too long ago I had been writing about the vital importance of casting down anything that raises its ugly head against God’s Word. Imagine my surprise. God had used my own writing to firmly remind me that I have a responsibility – daily – to stand in faith and to get rid of anything that is unholy – right down to my very thoughts.

When God gets in our faces, it is not because He wants to beat us up and throw our faults in our faces for no other reason than to make us feel bad. He loves us and wants to lead us to repentance, to transform our hearts and lives, and to help us to grow in His image. This time around, God had used the very wisdom He had poured through me to help others to minister to me. How humbled I am by His infinite love, grace, mercy, and wisdom.

Are you allowing anything in your life to rise up above or against God’s Truth in the Bible? Cast it down. Get rid of it. Repent of it. And carry on – in His Word. This is what I need to do. It is also what we all need to do as we learn day by day to walk with the Lord. 

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