When God Hasn’t Spoken


When God hasn’t spoken, God hasn’t spoken. God speaks to His children first and foremost from the pages of His Word, the Bible. He also speaks to our hearts by His Holy Spirit who lives inside His followers, through others of His children, through dreams and visions, and in any other manner He so chooses. Always and only in line with the Bible. We who believe in and follow Jesus should regularly pray, seek His face, read the Bible, and listen for His voice as we strive to live in love for, devotion to, and obedience to Him. Trouble is sometimes some of us get impatient in hearing from God and rush ahead WHEN GOD HASN’T SPOKEN.

We may find ourselves so desperate for an answer that we may convince ourselves we’ve heard from God when we haven’t, pretend we’ve heard from Him when He hasn’t yet spoken, allow ourselves to be deceived by the devil or the world or our flesh and believe we’ve heard from God when we haven’t, rebelliously rush forward without first hearing from God because we pridefully believe we know what’s best anyway, etc.

Friend, it is crucial as followers of Jesus that we pray, WAIT ON THE LORD, make sure what we hear is in line with the Bible and is in fact from Him, seek godly counsel from His followers if and as He leads us to help ensure we are hearing from God when we think we are, and don’t act until we’re clear God has spoken.

Waiting can be enormously challenging, but let’s remember the one we’re waiting for is God almighty and the voice we’re waiting to hear is His! There is nobody more important in the universe than the Lord. And there is nothing more important than humbling ourselves and living utterly for Him – including seeking, waiting, hearing, and obeying Him when He speaks!

Please consider in the following verse how Jesus prayed to the Father in heaven all night. Oh, friend, let us pray! Let us wait on the Lord! Let us hear! Let us go forth in obedience to God almighty in Christ, hallelujah, AMEN!

“Now it came to pass in those days that He went out to the mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

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