When God Says Wait

Some say God answers prayer with “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”, but in my case He tends to say “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait.” I love it when He says “Yes,” I still have a hard time with “No,” but perhaps the most challenging answer for me these days is, “Wait”. Why? I don’t mind a good celebration when God says “Yes,” and I am still known to throw a pity party when God says “No,” but “Wait” throws me completely out of my element. I have always been very passionate, creative, and tenacious, and I have a long history of chasing after things. So what am I supposed to do when God says, “Wait”?

Some say we should get busy when God says, “Wait.” Some even say we should go ahead and get started until we hear from God what to do next. But I can tell you from experience that is not the way to go. For years, if I did not hear clear directions from God I simply ran out into the world and made up my own directions. I ended up lost, frustrated, and way off course. But for someone who has lacked patience for as long as I have, I couldn’t imagine sitting still while I waited for God to give me His next direction. So off I went. When I finally found my way home again, I would be pretty beaten down to say the least.

Now I am learning to wait on the Lord, and realizing the waiting period is a magnificent opportunity to spend time in the presence of the Lord. I have more time on my hands than I have in years, and I take pleasure in praying, learning to be still, listening to God, taking long walks with Him, falling deeper in love with Him, becoming more intimate with Him, and learning how to be more sensitive to His voice and His will. I am also seeing that I have a lot fewer messes to clean up because I am less inclined to run out into the world and make up my own directions. I also have more energy to do what He asks me to do when I do hear from Him.

The bottom line is I have two choices when God says, “Wait”. I can enjoy His presence and trust His will and His time, or I can run out into the world and wreak havoc. I have done the latter for long enough. It is high time I learn the true meaning of wait and appreciate the blessings in the waiting process.

Just this morning, He reminded me He is preparing me for where He is leading me. If I do not take this waiting  period to be prepared, I will arrive at my next destination unprepared and disappointed. If I truly wait on God now, I know I will be thrilled when I am strong, prepared, and excited for what comes next after “Wait.”

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