When the Flesh Says “OUCH!”

Today my flesh said “OUCH!” I had prayed about an idea to give in a creative way this summer and believed the Lord said that the idea was His perfect will. So I moved forward with the plan. Shortly thereafter, some circumstances changed and I questioned my decision. I went back to the Lord, conferred with others participating in the plan and decided to proceed. Guess what? As soon as the plan took off, I questioned God again. Maybe, I surmised, I had not heard from the Lord after all. Do you know how the Lord replied? I cannot remember the exact words, but this is basically what He spoke inside my heart.

“You did not question me until your flesh started to hurt,” the Lord spoke to me in a manner of speaking. OUCH! The first ouch was when my flesh started to hurt. The second OUCH! was when the Lord convicted me of how much my flesh loves to get in the way of His perfect will. Fortunately, the Lord truly equips us to do what He calls us to do – providing everything we need in the process. In this case, He equipped me with the idea, the unfolding of the plan, and the ability to get my flesh under subjection.

So now what? I remember how blessed I am to have the opportunity to give, and how blessed I am to have the Lord who extends His mercy to me despite how my flesh likes to get in the way. Most importantly, I am blessed because He is Lord. And He ALWAYS knows best – even when my flesh says “OUCH!”

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