When God Uses His Children


There is nothing more important when we’re struggling with one thing or another than to turn to the Lord and to the Bible for His love, mercy, grace, strength, wisdom, and discernment, but don’t discount how vitally important it is also if, when, and as the Lord leads us to reach out to His children for their love, help, support, encouragement, and prayer as we go forth. God uses His children in this way whenever He so chooses however He desires wherever He desires according to His will for His glory. One day I had the most wonderful experience of God using His children when it came to three different struggles I faced simultaneously.

Within 24 hours, I shared my heart with three sisters in the Lord who are strongly grounded in the Bible and in prayer. They listened, they loved, they encouraged, and promised to pray. I had already sought the Lord again and again regarding my struggles but had a strong sense I needed more freedom. Something wasn’t quite right, and I yearned for the Lord to lead me to the answer. He did just that, and He used my dear sisters in the Lord to bring me the freedom I needed not merely for my peace of mind but most importantly so I could press on loving and serving Him and fulfilling His will for my life. How thankful I was! For the Lord, first and foremost. And for His provision of three sisters in Christ to walk alongside me as I pressed forward in my life’s journey following Jesus.

Friend, may the Lord always be your number one love, your number one priority, and your number one person to whom you go when you are in need. And may you reach out to His followers for their love, help, encouragement, support, and prayer as He so leads you. Be thankful to the Lord for Himself and for His children and for how He uses those of us who follow Him to love and bless and help one another in His name for His glory, AMEN!

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