When Life is Hard…

Life isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s really hard. But there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful in the universe than THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and the promise of a forever relationship with Him which comes through turning from our sins, believing in Him as Lord and in His death on the cross to pay our sin penalty and His resurrection whereby we truly genuinely sincerely turn our hearts and lives over to the Lord & His ways.
No matter our trials, in JESUS and in a PERSONAL FOREVER RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM we can find love, peace, hope, joy, intimacy, comfort, compassion, mercy, kindness, tenderness, friendship, wisdom, strength, fellowship, company, His glorious presence, His awesomely amazing Lordship, forever and ever, AMEN.
This morning, on my birthday, despite going through a hard trial right now, I was blessed to take paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy to the beach where I thankfully received the privilege of passing out some Gospel tracts and enjoying the sunshine-y day the Lord blessed us with today.

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