Whores & Harlots


““How shall I pardon you for this?

Your children have forsaken Me

And sworn by those that are not gods.

When I had fed them to the full,

Then they committed adultery

And assembled themselves by troops in the harlots’ houses.” Jeremiah 5:7 NKJV……………..

If you believe the Old Testament is nothing more than a history book, please be assured this is not the case in the least. For the warnings given by the prophets to the people all those years ago are chock full of warnings for us all these years later. Like the one above.

The Lord uses the prophet Jeremiah to issue to the people a warning – and a question. How can He possibly forgive them for turning their backs on Him, for committing adultery against Him, for going into the “harlots’ houses”?

My friend, we are either living for the Lord Jesus Christ – or we are not. We are either living for God almighty – or not. We are either living to bring Him love, honor, praise, joy, worship, service and glory – or we are not. We are either living according to God’s ways as He teaches us in the Bible – or we are not. We are either living our lives filled with and led by His Spirit – or we are not.

If we are not living for Christ, if our hearts and lives, if our everyday lives do not clearly show that we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ, that we believe in Him as Lord and follow Him, that we have submitted ourselves to His glorious heavenly loving lordship, if we have our ears, eyes, hearts, and lives turned in the other direction, we are committing adultery against Him. And adultery against God comes with everlasting consequences.

How can God possibly forgive us when we are committing adultery against Him? When we repent of our sins, trust in Jesus Christ as Lord, believe He is the Son of God and is Lord and died for our sins and was raised from the dead, and truly, genuinely, sincerely dedicate the rest of our lives and forever to God almighty through Christ who is Lord.

Please make the commitment now. One day it will be too late.

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