Why I Prayed for Africa


Disclaimer: I started writing this message in the morning. I wrote just a few sentences. Came back hours later and started making a few tiny changes at the start. Then all of a sudden with an unbelievable rush the whole message just poured out of me. God has impressed it up on me to send it out completely unedited just as it poured out of my heart. May you be encouraged, inspired, and greatly challenged by God through this message!

One day in my praying I prayed my heart out for Africa. It was but for a brief few minutes, but it was with true love, fervency, deep care and compassion. I want to tell you why I prayed for Africa because there is such an important lesson and inspiration in this. I prayed because as I was praying for a whole lot of people and about a whole lot of issues as I do on and off day and night, the Holy Spirit of God put Africa on my heart to pray for. This is the sole reason I prayed for Africa. It was not because I have close friends and family in Africa. It is not because I have been there or will ever go there. It was not because I read books on Africa and am part of a ministry that helps in Africa. It was not because I dream about Africa or think about Africa all the time. It was only because of the Holy Spirit I prayed for Africa that day.

One of the greatest mistakes I made in prayer years ago was I prayed for and about whom and what I loved and wanted and according to my dreams and desires and what I felt was best and what I craved and yearned for and what affected my life and those I loved and for what would make me feel better and whom and what was nearby and concerned what mattered to me. Though I prayed to God almighty, my prayers revolved around me and my little world. This made sense because though I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ I was still living for me and I was lukewarm about God.

Today I am a totally devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. I no longer live for self. I live for Jesus. I am filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit of God, I yield my life to the Lord, and I do my very best to pray according to the will of God. This not only means praying God’s will for people and in matters. It means praying for those God desires I pray for. Which is why I pray for people near and far, far away, about situations that affect me and others that have nothing to do with me. For people I know and for strangers. For whole groups of people in this country and countries far away. For all people suffering from something similar. And for people worldwide and nationwide and nearby who need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and not end up in hell and the lake of fire.

I pray, pray, and pray. And just as my life is surrendered to God almighty and to the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, so are my prayers surrendered to the Lord. I would never wish to go back to the way I used to pray. I consider it a privilege, honor, and blessing beyond measure to be used by the Lord God almighty to pray on and off day and night for a world in dire need of the Lord Jesus Christ and of surrendering and living for Him and of all this world needs from God for this life and for eternity. Amen, amen, amen!

This world needs prayer like never before! Please will you surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and commit to pray as the Holy Spirit of God who lives inside His followers leads you to pray, pray, and pray! Hallelujah, let us pray! Amen!

“pray without ceasing,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NKJV

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