Will You Be Unpopular for Christ?


Would you give up your popularity for Christ? I got my practice early in life; I was never popular. My brother always was. I always traveled in the smaller, academic circles while the popular folk moved about with those who garnered the favorable – and sometimes not so favorable – attention – of the world at large. I have noticed what the Lord asks me to do for Him does not increase my popularity. But I love Him too much not to obey as best I can. Did you notice the most successful people in the Bible in terms of what they did for the Lord were often the least popular and the most ordinary? How many were hated and persecuted for their very acts of loving and serving God? What about Jesus Himself? Are you willing to stand up for Christ, and to speak up for Christ, regardless of how people see you? What if people speak poorly of you because of your obvious love for the Lord and what you are willing to say and do for Him? The prophets seemed to be some of the most unpopular folk in the Bible. The world did not want to hear what God had to say, and the prophets had the phenomenal task of speaking for Him to people and whole nations that needed correction. Just how far will you go for God? Would you give up your popularity to serve Him?

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