Worship, Worship, Worship Him!


“Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!…” Psalm 96:9……………

Know what Jesus told the woman at the well when she talked about worshiping God in Jerusalem? Jesus made it plain and clear, to her, and to us, that worshiping God is NOT about a place!

Yet how many of us have confined worshiping God to an hour or so at church on Sundays, and maybe to an hour or so more at church on Wednesday nights, if we even worship God at all? How many of us have confined worshiping God to a specific place, and to a specific time, and even to a specific way – like singing songs considered contemporary, written by others, and to singing songs considered traditional, written by people long ago? How many of us have set boundaries around, and parameters on, and put limitations on, in one way or another or even in many ways, worshiping the Lord?

God makes abundantly clear He wants us to worship Him “in the beauty of holiness” and “in spirit and in truth”. God doesn’t want us to put LIMITS on our worshiping Him, does He? He wants us to be sold out to Him. Totally devoted to Him. With total praise and worship in our hearts, on our lips, in our mouths, in our hearts, in the very fabric and being of our lives, in our lifestyle, in our decision making, in our actions, not limited to any time, any place, any way whatsoever. He wants us entirely devoted to Him, and to worship Him without limits!

Several years ago, I started singing little made up songs to the Lord. I have the worst singing voice ever. And I’m terrible at making up songs. I’m not a musician. BUT the Lord sees OUR HEARTS. He sees our DEVOTEDNESS. He sees our FAITH. He sees OUR LOVE FOR HIM. He sees our DEDICATION and COMMITMENT and OBEDIENCE TO HIM!

Whether we’re writing songs for Him, writing devotionals for Him, singing worship music to Him, singing in a church choir, whispering words of adoration to Him as we walk, making decisions to bless and glorify Him and to bring Him joy and pleasure, falling on our faces, literally, bowing down on our knees, jumping up and down in passionate excited ebullient praise of Him, giving Him thanks three times a day at set times, or spending hours with Him in the middle of the night reading His Word and reverently adoringly glorifying Him, glorifying Him, glorifying Him, LET US WORSHIP THE LORD with PURE HEARTS, repenting of any and all sins right down to our very thoughts, so our hearts and lives are pure, coming into His presence with praise, thanksgiving, with the desire and yearning to bring glory to Him, to thank Him, oh to worship the Lord. Let us worship Him, let us worship Him!

If we have any Jerusalem’s in our hearts and lives, whereby like the woman at the well we have limited the worship of God to a specific place, or to a specific anything, let us take the limits off our worship and in total love, in total praise, with passion and exuberance and beautiful, beautiful, zealous wonder and dedication, let us lift up our hands, our hearts, our very lives, setting our affections, our thoughts, our eyes, on the Lord, worshiping Him, oh, to worship the Lord, with total abandon to all else! Let us worship, let us worship, let us worship the Lord! Amen!








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