Ready for a writing update from LARA LOVE? Hey, now wait a second. That’s me! Okay, ready for an update?! Yikes! I’m having trouble keeping up with my almost-daily Walk by Faith Devotional along with my Bible Takeout (a short and sweet Bible study for people on the go). Now how come I’m having trouble keeping up? Hmm.

If you think it’s because of the 18 doggies plus 1 in my care (including three paralyzed ones that require bunches of extra work), along with every other aspect of the ministry, you’re wrong! I’m pretty accustomed to all that now – and loving just about every minute of it! I’m actually not keeping up with all the usual writing as much as I would like because I’m working on my newest BOOK! Oh my God! Oh my God is right. Didn’t I just publish my newest book a few weeks ago – the one I wrote in about a month’s time? Oh my God! Yes, that’s right! Isn’t God AMAZING?!

Do you know something? God keeps amazing me. I can hardly keep up with all His blessings. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am! In the meantime, I promise to keep you posted about my upcoming book – and to keep my commitment to send out the Walk by Faith Devotional and Bible Takeout. It just might not be as regular as I like. Or, who knows, knowing God, I might just end up writing even more. WOW! Praise the Lord! What else can I say?! 

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