You Choose My Life


“You choose my life!” I sometimes pray emphatically. What do I mean? And why do I pray this?

I used to live MY life for ME. I called Jesus Christ Lord but certainly didn’t live like He is Lord. I lived for SELF. I lived according to the world’s ways. The world’s self-centered, sin-ridden ways, me-me-it’s-all-about-me ways.

When I first began to obey the Lord, it was out of obligation. I knew I was supposed to do so. Now I want to obey the Lord because my love for Him is ever-growing. I want to express my love for Him in my obedience to Him.

When I pray, “You choose my life!”, I am telling the Lord I WANT to submit to Him. To yield and surrender to Him. To live for Him. To live according to His ways and His will for me personally. I want Him to choose for me the details and unfolding of my life. I want to be wholly and humbly His and reverently and devotedly HIS! This is a manifestation of His love for me and mine for Him and the beautifully wonderfully rich and vibrant intimate relationship He has given me with Himself!

I can choose to go back to living for self, but forever in heaven is for those who repent, believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, and live for Jesus Christ as Lord. I wouldn’t even want to go back to living for self if it was okay with God because I would absolutely much rather have an ever-growing personal relationship with Christ than to live for me and to obtain and relish in the fleeting pleasures of this life.

Obedience to me is no longer nothing more than an obligation. It is an awesome opportunity to show the Lord I am His forever and want to love, love, love Him as I strive to fulfill His will for my life.

Are you wholly surrendered to Christ? Oh, may it be so! May you humbly and gladly live the life He chooses for you! And may you in your love and adoration and honor of Him joyfully, thankfully, and blessedly submit yourself to God and His plans and purpose for your life today, tomorrow, and forever and ever, AMEN!

Lord, Lord, how can we call you Lord and not do the things that you say? How can we profess to love you but not desire to do the things that you say? Oh, dear Lord, help us to humble ourselves ever before you and to live for you with our greatest desire to love and serve and worship and glorify you every breath that we take here on this earth and forever and ever, AMEN! We are still human, oh Lord, and oh how we fall short. Forgive us our sins when we do, lead us to repentance when we need it, and increase our desire, dear Lord, to live utterly and blessedly for you, dear Father, AMEN!

“”But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” Luke 6:46

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