Your Insignificance


Just how insignificant are you? In the hands of the Lord, your seeming insignificance may be your greatest asset. Before I left on a trip to visit South Carolina where Walk by Faith Ministry will open a new office and I will ultimately move, I hurried to a random tire shop to get two desperately needed new tires. Two were just about useless; the other two were exeedingly close. The manager was honest; though I was in dire need of four, I could get by with two for just a bit longer. Then, he surprised me with four tires for just slightly over the price of two to ensure I would be safe on my long journey ahead. He was led by the Lord to bless me, and I could not help but think as I sat waiting for my car to be donned with four new tires of how insignificant a job at a tire shop might seem to the world. But the love of God that shone through this tire shop manager helped me to leave with four new tires that would safely get me and Walk by Faith Ministry to new land – where I would be blessed, and through the years both people and homeless dogs in need will hear the Gospel and be helped. When we surrender our insignificant lives to the Lord for His purpose and glory, it is amazing just how significant our lives can become for Him.

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