True Love


True love speaks the truth – in love. Yesterday my long-time pastor, whom I had not seen in the four years since God sent me out for a four-year degree in His Word and life, chastened me about my recent disobedience regarding some things the Lord has asked me to do. After so long being away from my human shepherd, I can think of some better things to talk about than where I have fallen short. But I love the Lord so much and have such a strong, trusting relationship with my pastor that I am able to see the blessing in the chastening of the Lord. The Bible says the Lord chastens those He loves, and I know the same is true of my pastor. I am grateful God sent me a pastor who would not let me get away with falling short, but loves the Lord and me so much that He takes the time and care to tell me the truth so that I do not stay on the ground when I fall. His willingness to speak the truth in love helps me to rise up and walk. And if I fail to walk by faith, as I have done recently, my pastor is quick to remind me. “What’s the name of your ministry?” he teases me. I roll my eyes. We both know the answer. I thank God this little sheep has two shepherds – sweet Jesus, and my dear pastor. Both love me so much they tell me the truth with the reassurance of the Father’s everlasting love.

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