Your Private Life


    “He did not speak to them without a parable, but privately to his own disciples he explained everything.” Mark 4:34

   “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” John 14:26

    When a beloved friend asked if I had ever taught on Mark 4:34, I had two thoughts. First, I’m not a teacher. I’m an evangelist and author called to help people find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ forever through the written and spoken word who writes books, tracts, and devotionals that help people follow Him. I consider myself everything but a Bible expert, but am so in love with the Lord and so devoted to Him and His Word and to helping to build His Kingdom that I suppose I must sound like a teacher at times. Laugh. My other thought was this. I need to find that verse! This is a challenge from a friend. What is the significance of this verse? What will the Lord show me? Alas, here I am.

The disciples, or students, of Christ met with Him PRIVATELY to hear Him explain His parables. His Word. Separate from the big crowds. Separate from countless people. Not in the temple where He taught with a zillion other people. Not in the masses He taught outside. ALONE WITH JESUS. LEARNING FROM HIM. They dedicated this time to being with Him. They devoted themselves to Him. They came hungry. Eager. Willing. Teachable. Yearning. Thirsty. In need. They set aside their everyday lives, busy schedules, world around them, relationships, even their service to God, to spend time with Jesus. PRIVATELY. They could have simply met with the Lord among the masses. But they made a determined effort to separate themselves out from those around them to spend time PRIVATELY with the Lord. Alone with Him. To learn. Hear Him speak. Hear Him explain what He taught in the crowds. To get a deeper understanding. To draw closer to Him. It was NOT enough for them to hear preaching along with countless other people. They wanted more. They knew they needed more. They craved more of Jesus. More of His teaching. More learning of Him. More being with Him. More Jesus.

How many of us are satisfied with weekly church attendance, Bible study, small groups, workbooks, Christian books, devotionals, pastors’ sermons, commentaries, worship with friends, etc.? Let us never be satisfied until we learn to sit daily and humbly at the feet of the Lord. Privately with the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, amen! Repent and believe in Christ as Lord. Ask for and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Claim the promise God’s Spirit will teach you. Sit daily and privately at Jesus’ feet. You will know no greater joy than knowing Jesus forever!

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