Your Worst Life Now – and Forever

Why does it seem like the worse the world gets, the more I hear about prosperity? Just this past Sunday, in fact, my pastor mentioned that one of the most famous preachers in the United States is renowned for his teaching on prosperity. As the world falls into greater and greater disarray, prosperity becomes ever more popular when it comes to proponents of how to live the very best life possible. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, not really, when the Bible makes it abundantly clear that false teaching will abound as Jesus gets closer to coming back to whisk His believers off with Him to safety before God’s wrath and judgment falls on those left behind who have rejected the message that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. So the false teaching that God set us on the earth to accumulate as much wealth and luxury as possible, to live lives of perfect contentment and total health, to fulfill our fleshly desires while God sits on His throne to be at our beck and call, well, it couldn’t be more timely, could it? False teaching abounds, indeed. The greatest tragedy in all of this focus on waving our magic wands so God can satisfy our every desire and bury us under mountains of riches in answer to our insatiable lusts is not merely that it is entirely untrue that God created us to satisfy the lusts of our flesh. It’s that what is being marketed as our best lives now are actually our worst lives now – and forever.

Why? Because when we are deceived into thinking God created us to live happily ever after amid an orgy of self-love and the radical hoarding of commodities for ourselves so we can kick up our feet and live our lives on a perpetual vacation, we are actually missing the point. Our lives could not be any worse, in fact, when we live this way. For the reason we were created is to love and worship the Lord, to reverence and adore Him, to bring glory to His name, to honor and respect Him, to bow down before Him, to enjoy fellowship with Him now and forever through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so we can have a relationship with God and spend forever with Him. And the travesty of living our “best lives now” is that the fleeting pleasure we may experience now in our so-called “prosperity” by focusing our minds on our wealth portfolios, owning billion dollar homes while much of the world is starving to death, by hopping from one bed to another while marriage falls to the wayside, by choosing pornography over godliness, by lying when we know good and well what honesty is, by stealing and cheating when God never intended for us to take what He does not want us to have, and, oh, by so very much more, the travesty is this. We are living our worst lives now. And not just now, but forever.

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Because those who are flat out rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and living lives of unrighteousness are not only missing the greatest gift in the universe to be had right here on this earth – a loving relationship with the Lord God almighty – but are headed for an eternity of non-stop torment in hell.

We were created to love God. We were created to bring joy to Him, and to enjoy Him. We were created to be in fellowship with Him, and this is only possible through faith in Jesus because as sinners we cannot so much be in God’s holy presence with our unrighteousness. But Jesus gave up His life for us to be our atonement so we could be reconciled to God and experience the only true wealth that is for now and forever. The wealth of loving God.

Your best life now, is it worth it? Because if your best life now is a life without the faith in, and commitment to, the Lord Jesus Christ and living according to God’s ways as taught in the Bible, your best life now is your ticket to hell.

Will you turn your back on the prosperity of this world and cry out to the Lord in repentance for your sins and ask Him to save you by confessing Jesus as Lord and believing that God raised Him from the dead? 

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