You’re Interrupting Me!


“You’re interrupting me!” I used to essentially want to lash out at people if they wanted or needed something even simply to say hello when I didn’t consider myself available, wasn’t in the mood, was tired, busy, distracted, didn’t want to interact with them, felt I had something better or different or more important to do, etc. I was at times more often than I care to remember mean, unloving, unkind, prideful, resentful, self-pitying, arrogant, bitter, and selfish. And I still can be if I don’t stay focused on the Lord and His ways and His will for me and allow myself to fall back into my old sinful ways.

But don’t we have a right to have a bad attitude and/or to be yucky and icky to people when we feel and think we’re being  “interrupted”? After all, aren’t our lives to be all about me, me, me and not about the Lord and others?

Consider God’s greatest commands! To love HIM with all our hearts and to love OTHERS as ourselves! We are to DENY self and LIVE FOR JESUS! And LOVING OTHERS is crucial in LIVING FOR HIM!

Ever see Jesus in the Bible have a terrible attitude and be selfish, rude, mean, nasty, unkind, unloving, self-pitying, bitter, resentful, prideful, disgusted, and/or lash out at people, etc. when they reached out to Him? Ever see Him throw a temper tantrum and have a pity party because people come to Him with their needs and wants and/or desire for His company?

Oh, let us love, let us love, let us love as the Lord teaches us and equips, enables, and empowers us by His Holy Spirit who lives inside His followers to LOVE! Let us humble ourselves continually and love!

Let us take every opportunity God gives us to love others, to help others, to support others, to pray for others, to give to others, to be generous to others, to sacrifice for others, to be there for others, to show compassion and mercy toward others, to comfort others.

And if and when the Lord makes clear it is not His will for us to interact with someone or simply not His timing and that He wants us doing something else, still let us respond to those who reach out to us with humility, kindness, mercy, gentleness, tenderness, goodness, loving firmness if firmness is needed, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”” John 13:35

Father, forgive me, forgive us all, for every time we have ever been selfish, self-centered, self-seeking, and neglected and failed to be there for others. For when we have felt “interrupted” and lacked compassion, care, and love and mercy. For not following you in opportunities you have given us to love one another. Help us to make the sacrifice rather than be selfish. Help us not miss opportunities you set before us. At the same time, give us the courage to lovingly – yes lovingly – let people know when we are truly unavailable. And then please give us wisdom and discernment as to whether we might help them another time or whether you have others to love and help them. Lord, help us to love, oh help us love. Thank you so very much, oh Lord. Amen!

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