A Doggone Amazing Lesson in Obedience

When I distinctly heard the Lord speak into my heart that I should go ahead with an exceedingly expensive surgery needed to help save three-year-old paralyzed dog Miss Mercy’s life, I sat in the small office of a veterinarian I had only just met and told him I needed to go ahead with the surgery for one reason alone. God. I told him that I live for the Lord, and that my obedience to God is more important than anything else. The vet had done everything but tell me flat out to euthanize Miss Mercy, explaining her condition in detail and telling me in no uncertain terms how unlikely it was that she would survive. I called my own long-time vet from his office, and told my vet what I had heard from the Lord in response to my prayer. My own vet’s answer was cut and dry – and a directive to which we all need to pay heed.

Miss Meryc’s first wheelchair ride after her big surgery

“This is a no-brainer,” my vet said as I sat in the emergency and specialty vet hospital. My vet had already heard the diagnosis and prognosis. In the world’s eyes, the answer was obvious. Euthanize. But my vet spoke what was more important than anything else. “You answer to God,” he essentially said. “Do what He tells you.” Wow. In a world increasingly on a tragic move away from God, my vet and I were in total agreement contrary to the world’s ways. God comes first. Obedience to Him must take precedence above all else.

Miss Mercy in my bedroom where she’s moved in
with paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon and a few others…

I knew when I made my decision to go ahead with the surgery that none of this truly was about a dog. I knew I could let her go if I needed to. I have lost countless dogs. I knew I could do without the financial responsibility my ministry would occur. I do not believe in putting that amount of money into a dog when the world is in such dire straits and people are in ever increasing need. But I also know that I have a long history now of discovering that when I submit to God in even the smallest of things, not to mention the biggest things, that He is able to use me and Walk by Faith Ministry to touch and transform the world around me through my heart for Him and my decision to obey.

The fact that Miss Mercy in just weeks survived a surgery even the surgeon in retrospect could hardly believe she survived, not to mention is doing beautifully, is a blessing beyond measure – but not the greatest blessing in all this. I truly believe with all my heart as I have seen so many times before that God will use this story as He has used so many experiences in my life to show forth His glory, to draw people to Himself, to teach people about Him, to transform hearts and lives, and, I hope and pray, to bring people into His Kingdom through repentance and faith placed in Christ coupled with a solid commitment to following Christ for life. 

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