Miraculous Update on Paralyzed Dog

Miss Mercy’s first miracle was when she survived being hit by a car and was brought to a shelter in rural Georgia, her second miracle was when she escaped what would have been probable euthanization when God brought her to safety under the little wings of Walk by Faith Ministry, her next miracle was when her exceeding pain simply went away, her subsequent miracle was when she survived a surgery a few weeks ago that the surgeon could hardly believe she survived, and her most recent miracle has been a phenomenal recovery from almost dying a few weeks ago at only three years old from a combo of her spleen having split in two when she was hit by the car and one of the spleens almost dying inside her combined with a horrific urinary tract infection, a possible kidney infection, a liver issue, anemia, and being filled with fluid.

photo courtesy of Whitney Boring
of wphotographyhiltonhead.com
taken several months before Mercy almost died
just a few weeks ago.

How is that for a run-on sentence and a whole bunch of miracles for a super sweet dog whose eyes are filled once again with light and who is all ready to get back in her wheelchair to continue on with her beach ministry work once her surgery staples are removed? Amazing, huh? To God be all glory, and I thank God for her wonderful vets and vet staff at three separate vet clinics, along with those praying and those who have donated so far toward her bill.

Please know that her total bill was exceedingly high (over $6000), and I am still collecting donations both toward her bill and for the 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs as a whole who as you can imagine are in greater need with their costs than the typical dog. I would be extremely grateful for your consideration both with prayers and with donating toward Miss Mercy’s care as well as to the other dogs if you are so led. I look forward God willing to being back on the beach in the not too distant future with paralyzed dogs Miss Mercy and Mr. Simeon doing “beach ministry” whereby people crowd around these two very special dogs and I am given the opportunity as the Lord leads to talk to them about Him. To God truly be all glory! 

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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