A Doggone Lesson About Sin


I was walking my 14-year-old ministry doggy Abigail along with 8-year-old disabled doggy Gracie one day when Abigail innocently led us both right into a bush of thorns. Not a single rose. All thorns. Little did she know when she set her sniffer on a good whiff of only the Lord knows what that she wouldn’t just lead herself toward those thorns but that she would lead me there also since I was holding onto her leash! Of course, Abigail couldn’t see she was headed right for the thorns let alone that she was dragging me along for the thorny ride because she was too focused on the temptation that was calling her name.

Immediately the Holy Spirit brought to mind sin and its consequences. We get so consumed with chasing after the devil’s sinful temptations that we not only become blind to sin’s awful consequences, but we drag other people along for the awful ride. Loved ones, friends, family, co-workers, classmates, strangers, whomever. And we are so obsessed with satisfying our flesh with whatever it is we’re in hot pursuit of in the way of temptation that we selfishly, foolishly, and sickeningly hurt the Lord number one and hurt innocent others as well as ourselves.

Abigail is a senior doggy who didn’t know any better. We are human beings that do. Sin has its payday. Let’s learn to walk away from it and avoid the thorns altogether.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Lord, plain and simple, please oh God HELP US NOT TO SIN! And, when we do, please bring quick conviction and lead us swiftly to repentance! Lord, give us the desire to do right and to please you rather than the desire to do wrong and to hurt you. Oh, Lord, I need you like never before to walk in your ways. So do we all, don’t we? Help us, dear God, to live according to your ways. For your glory, dear Father, AMEN!

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