A Message from God to His Daughters

I heard the Lord speak these words into my heart to some of His daughters. If this message is for you, please submit to Him and do as He says.

“Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10 KJV).” You constantly run. You are constantly on the move. How can I spend time with you when you are constantly in motion? Do you now know, I desire for you to spend time with me? The minutes you spend on your knees are not enough.

You are constantly moving from one place to another, as though you will arrive somewhere. But if your destination is not me, you are missing my purpose for you. Have I not told you, worship me.You may not always be on your knees to do this, but you will be in my presence.

When I sent my Son to the cross, it was not for you to run. It was for you to be with me once again. Sin separated you from me, as it has all man. But Jesus reconciled you to me if only you would believe in Him.

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