Another Big Update from Lara


Praise the Lord! Some people go to extremes. I definitely do and always have in so many ways. Including when it comes to writing books for the Lord. While I am still settling in to the New Jersey / New York City area as my latest location on the road for Jesus full-time with my special needs ministry dogs in what is now just under 5 years, I am thrilled to share that I have just finished writing and am now editing what by God’s grace only will be my 14th book – if I did my math right! Yes, I don’t have the greatest memory. And yes, I do lose count!

I used to be so caught up in the world’s standards for an author that I was terribly discouraged by how few people ordered my books, by how I didn’t have help getting the word out about my books, by how the few attempts I made at “marketing” or “promoting” my books flopped right from the start, by how most of my friends had no interest in reading my books, by the fact some of my books are out of print because I didn’t feel led to keep them in print, etc.

Times have changed! How so? At long last I am learning to PUT MY TRUST IN THE LORD. I do my best to write the messages I believe He gives me to write, to publish what I believe He wants me to publish, and to trust He has a plan for each and every message whether He wants to use it to encourage one person across the world, to save a zillion people, to encourage a few people who are struggling, to bless a stranger I meet at a gas station, to cause a family member to start considering the truth of who the Lord Jesus Christ is, to inspire others to write for Him, to teach me as I write the messages, to bless countless people after my time on this earth is over, etc.

The Lord has blessedly taught me to not write for my glory but for His, to not have an agenda for my writing but to submit myself to Him and His plan, to not measure my “success” or “failure” based on numbers of books and readers, and to simply humble myself and write, write, write as He so leads me.

He has already spoken to my heart some about my next book which I am somewhat excited to begin, but I still have the current one to edit and my latest “mission field” of New York City along with a bit of northern New Jersey and the fact He has led me to do some more Video Devotionals, to care for my special needs ministry dogs – and oh, yes, to get some rest along the way. Most importantly of all, I love, love, love to spend time in His presence and in His Word each and every day.

This newest book comprises some of my writing over months past along with a few messages I have not yet shared with my readers online. Please note some of my writing online in the past couple of months has been from one of my recent books called 100 Days of Thanksgiving: A Devotional-Journal from the Heart of Lara Love.

Please note I also recently published The Love Devotional which like many of my books comprised my online writing.

You can see my books currently in print and order them if you are so led when you CLICK HERE.

Please keep me prayed up as I press on in the Lord’s work!

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