Apology, Update & Prayer Request


Hi everyone,

I apologize for not sending out my usual Good News Daily Devotional recently and apologize in advance for the fact I will likely not send it out regularly for a bit of time due to what I am about to share. I am deeply passionate about writing for the Lord and for others and hope Lord willing to soon return to it.

The Lord surprised me after some time in Florida spending tons of time with Him and doing lots of writing as well as beach and streets ministry when He let me know He is soon sending me back to New York City for another season of ministry work there.

I am very excited but also extremely overloaded with my ministry work, extreme spiritual warfare, some health issues and tests, various personal challenges, administrative matters,  preparing to go, and the emotions of it all! Plus by God’s grace I just finished a major writing project Lord willing I hope soon to announce and share!

Praise the Lord He is leading me and growing me through it all, and my relationship with Him is stronger than ever and my desire to fulfill my life calling for Him greater than ever!

I am so humbled, blessed, and privileged my life calling is to help people be totally devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and to experience and enjoy a forever intimate relationship with God!

The devil is going all out right now to try to stop me, and praise God in God’s strength for God’s glory I am pressing on in the Lord’s work!

Please pray for me and my ministry and my special needs ministry dogs and all those the Lord reaches through my ministry as you are led!

I am in extreme need of DONORS and MONTHLY SPONSORS for my ministry. Even as the Lord has tremendously grown my ministry in the past few years, I have had less and less people helping support it.

To DONATE or become a MONTHLY SPONSOR, please contact me at 843-338-2219 or lara@GoodNews.love to discuss ways to GIVE. Thank you!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV

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